Founder’s Words of Encouragement and Exhortation
Decades of Dedication in Retrospect
Laying The Foundation For Buddhist Education Coming of Age at 30
Tilling the Soil, Planting Good Seeds
Feature Essays
A Few Random Thoughts on “Religion” and “Academia”
Imitating the Buddha and Buddhist Studies
Buddhism is a Living Knowledge to be Applied in Daily Life
CHIBS and the Academic Buddhist
CHIBS and Buddhist Studies in Taiwan
The Development of Buddhist Studies and Information Technology
The Tibetan Buddhist Studies Program and the Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Exchange Program
From the CHIBS to DDBC
Master Sheng Yen and Chinese Buddhism
Master Sheng Yen and the Modern Construction of Chan Buddhism
CHIBS: Following the Past and Lighting the Future
People in the Spotlight
Founder’s Time
A. Getting to know CHIBS and DDM
Academic and Publishing Activities
Courses and Seminars
International Exchange
Historical Highlights