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CHIBS in Peitou CHIBS in Jinshan
(CHIBS in Peitou) (CHIBS in Jinshan)

The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies (CHIBS) was established by Master Sheng Yen in 1985. In 2001, CHIBS relocated to the Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education located in Jinshan Township, Taiwan. In 2006, CHIBS successfully passed the requirements of the Ministry of Education to establish the first private Buddhist College—Dharma Drum Buddhist College—in Taiwan. In 2007 CHIBS stopped enrolling students, transferring that responsibility to Dharma Drum Buddhist College. Since the passing away of Master Sheng Yen in February 2009, CHIBS has continued to concentrate on being a global advocate for the academic study and research of Chinese Buddhism, thereby fulfilling one of the main concerns of Master Sheng Yen.

Together with Sheng Yen Education Foundation, CHIBS now employs its full range of talent and resources to encourage research and propagation of Chinese Buddhism both at home and abroad. One very successful application of CHIBS’s resources has been a co-operative publishing venture with Columbia University in New York City, whereby CHIBS locates and finances excellent research projects on aspects of Chinese Buddhism from the Sung dynasty to the Republican Era, and assists Columbia University and the Columbia University Press in their publication. As well, research works in Chinese will be published by Dharma Drum Publishing Corp. CHIBS also helps universities worldwide with financing for conferences and workshops dealing with aspects of Chinese Buddhism. In addition CHIBS provides exchange students and scholars with assistance in pursuing their researches with Chinese Buddhism. Finally, CHIBS continues publish its internationally-renowned Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal in English and will re-introduce to readers the multi-lingual journal Chung-Hwa Buddhist Studies, showcasing the research outcomes of graduate students.