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The Academic Advisory Committee of Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Article 1 Mission

The mission of the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies Academic Advisory Committee (hereafter “Advisory Committee”) shall be
1. facilitating academic research in Chinese Buddhism;
2. fostering international exchanges;
3. cultivating outstanding researchers in Chinese Buddhism;
4. providing development directions; and
5. advising on matters with regard to CHIBS.

Article 2 Members and offering

The Advisory Committee shall comprise of five to seven members of the following:
1. the Director of the CHIBS shall be the Chairman of the Advisory Committee; and
2. the Chairman shall nominate four to six academic members and offer certificates of appointment. A chief committee member shall be elected among the academic committees.

Article 3 Terms and responsibilities

The term of office of each member shall be two years starting from January 1 of the said year to December 31 of the following year. Each member is eligible for re-appointment.
There will be no budget for the Advisory Committee and the responsibilities of the members are to attend meetings (including online) to advise on the following matters:
1. directions of the CHIBS;
2. research and exchange in Chinese Buddhism;
3. tradition and innovation in Chinese Buddhism; and
4. development and direction of the Journal of the CHIBS.

Article 4 Meetings

The Chairman shall call for the meeting at least once every year. Where necessary, temporary meetings may be convened and relevant personnel may be invited to attend.
The director of CHIBS shall chair the meetings. In case the Chairman is unable to attend the meeting, the members shall elect one from among themselves to chair the meeting.

Article 5 Promulgation and force

These regulations shall come into force on the day of promulgation.

Advisory Committee Members