Academic Research

      Before its founding in 1985, the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies (CHIBS) was the post-graduate section, “China Academy Graduate School of Buddhist Studies” under College of Chinese Culture. Master Sheng Yen was appointed as the director on October 1979 and the program was dropped in 1984 due to the reforms of the College. Master Sheng Yen decided to continue its operation by renaming the school to Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies in 1985, which was based in the new building of the Institute of Buddhist Culture, Beitou. Other than hiring outstanding faculty and researchers, the Institute also offered several scholarships to students and organized various international conferences for faculty, visiting scholars, and students to present their research papers. 

      When Dharma Drum Buddhist College was established in 2007,  CHIBS remained its research orientation to focus on recruiting specialists in Chinese Buddhist studies in the following three major directions:

1. outstanding researchers : CHIBS actively seeks scholars in Chinese Buddhism and promising enthusiastic professionals to work here. 

2. post-doctorates : CHIBS collaborates with Sheng Yen Foundation to establish “Chinese Buddhist Research Center” as an incubation hub for junior scholars in Chinese Buddhism. Those who are working on Chinese Buddhism-related dissertations and/or post-doctorate research topics are eligible to apply for the positions. The current research focuses on post-Song Dynasty Chan Buddhism and Sheng Yen thoughts.

3. independent research professionals : Independent scholars are also welcome to propose research projects. Qualified proposals will be granted financial supports and technical upgrades.

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