Alumni Alumni Introduction


      Since the Ministry of Education approved the CHIBS as a Category B graduate school, we started to admit students into Master’s Programs. Within the 25 classes, there were 237 students admitted from both monastics and laypeople from all walks of life. Since they might study culture, arts, architecture, finance, or medicine before entering CHIBS, it is only natural that their theses are interdisciplinary.

      Some of the graduates continued their further study in Taiwan, Japan, the US,  Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and India. As of 2020, 25 alumni received another master’s degree while 38 of them got Ph. D degrees. In general, there are four major directions that the alumni took: 1. Joined the monastics to serve people full time; 2. Became teachers in higher education; 3. Practiced Buddhism in the world; and 4. Have multiple identifications from the above categories.

   With Bodhi vows, Master Sheng Yen founded CHIBS dedicated to cultivating Buddhist researchers and monastics to spread Buddhism further in the hope to make contributions to society, country, and the world in culture, education, and academia. Recalling the process of founding the CHIBS, it was a long and difficult journey. However, after decades of hard work, outstanding Buddhist alumni had been working in multiple organizations all over the world. All alumni are extremely grateful for having the opportunities to study at CHIBS! We appreciate Master Sheng Yen, the founder! We are thankful for the assistance from the monastics and the support from the Dharma Protectors and patrons! We would also like to express our gratitude toward the faculty and staff for their teaching and efforts! We believe the alumni’s collective power will shine on the world like the Indra Net of the Huayen world that reflectsupon each other and glow indefinitely.