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    Since Master Sheng Yen founded the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies in 1985, the Institute focused on cultivating Buddhist academia and creating platforms for academic Buddhist exchanges from all traditions globally. Five “Chung-Hwa International Conferences on Buddhism”( 中華國際佛學會議 ) were held between 1990 and 2006 , and seven “Cross-Strait Exchange and Seminars”( 兩岸交流活動與研討會 ) took place between 1998 and 2003 . At the same time, CHIBS became sister schools with several perstigous educational facilities to engage in more exchange programs for students, research fellows, and publications. In addition, multiple scholarships for research papers and grants for English monographs had been offered.  

      Since 2007, CHIBS resumed its research orientation and focused on three directions. Based on the pre-existing foundation, the Institute promotes international academic exchanges by offering international conferences, opportunities for visiting scholars, and international scholarships and grants. 

International Conferences 
      CHIBS focuses on Chinese Buddhism as well as its modern meanings and practical functions. In 2013 , CHIBS held the international conference of “Inter-cultural Exchanges of Chinese Buddhism”( 漢傳佛教的跨文化交流 ) with Dharma Drum Buddhist College and National Chengchi University to be on the same page with global development and engage in interdisciplinary dialogue and communication. Two “Young Scholars on the Chinese Buddhism Forums”( 漢傳佛教青年學者論壇 ) were held between 2015 and 2019 in three stages: project proposals, papers presentations, and publications in print. Financial support was offered according to the stages of the junior scholars’ research.  On the 10th anniversary of Master Sheng Yen’s passing in 2019 , the Institute organized a forum to commemorate the founder, recount the history of the Institute, and shed some light on the future. We invited junior Buddhist scholars, alumni of the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, and monastics from the Dharma Drum Mountain to discuss the realistic logistics in Buddhist education and Chinese Buddhist research. It was decided that more diversified small-scaled in-depth seminars and workshops will be offered to further explor the field of Chinese Buddhism. 

Visiting Scholars 
      The institute offers grants to encourage scholars in Taiwan or internationally to study Chinese Buddhism. Qualified scholars can apply to visit CHIBS to utilize the facilities and resources of the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education including accommodation and board.  


International scholarships and grants
      In the early period, the grants offered by CHIBS mainly focused on supporting excellent students to study abroad. In order to raise the international visibility of Chinese Buddhism and the qualities of Chinese Buddhist research, the Institute started to offer graduate research grants written in English to inspire more interest in this field since 2011 .

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