Project Digital Archives

Part of the principles of the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies (CHIBS) is that “our roots are Chinese, our branches are global”. Encountering the era of constant flux, CHIBS aims to step up to the international platform of Buddhist studies with the mission of “embracing heritages and unfolding the future” in mind. The Buddhist Studies Information Network Center has been devoted to Buddhist informatics since its founding in 1998. After the establishment of Dharma Drum Buddhist College in 2007, CHIBS resumed its research orientation and kept on supporting projects such as digitizing Buddhist canons and artifacts. 
Over the years, the projects that CHIBS funded or constructed include the following areas: texts, GIS applications, Taiwanese Buddhism, research tools, information categorized by persons…, etc. Precise arrangement and management provided by informatics technology help to collect, index, research and analyze the plenitude of textual accounts. 

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